Approving Other Organisations Procedures

Safeguarding is the responsibility of all adults, especially those working with children. No organisation operates in isolation. The Sunderland Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) recognises that the development of appropriate procedures is the responsibility of the SSCB.

In order to ensure organisations working with children in Sunderland fully recognise the contribution they can make to safeguard the children and young people in its care, the SSCB have devised a process for approving such organisations' procedures.

The SSCB will agree policies and procedures produced by organisations (including members of the SSCB), to ensure these are developed within a safeguarding framework adhering to the principles of the SSCB.

To enable organisations to produce a comprehensive set of procedures, which ensures that Safeguarding concerns and referrals are handled sensitively, professionally and ways that support the needs of the child, the SSCB have produced a checklist for organisations.

The checklist aims to provide clear direction to organisations about expected codes of behaviour in dealing with Safeguarding issues and makes explicit the commitment to the development of good practice and sound procedures.

The SSCB will issue a certificate to organisations once their policy/procedure has been agreed as having met the minimum specifications as detailed on the checklist.

You can download a copy of the checklist here Checklist for Organisations. Once completed please return this with a copy of your organisations policy/procedure to: